Howdy!! and welcome home:)  We're located on Van Isle in the heart of Hilliers, ten minutes from Beautiful Qualicum Beach, BC.

We are a small farm aiming to raise our animals in the most loving, humane and NATURAL way possible.

Our poultry and their eggs are NON-GMO, free range, sometimes a little hard to find and completely delicious.


Our Pork is the Heritage breed KuneKune and could be described as "forest", "Pasture" or "free range".  Also completely NON-GMO, they are continually moved from one site to another to always ensure that they're eating and playing as wholesomely and naturally as possible.

This is a place where the pigs squeal in delight and the Ducks cluck their way into our hearts. 

Now Available!

Can't make it out to the Ranch?  You have options!  You can find a selection of our products as well as our 100% NITRATE FREE Deli Sliced Ham and Bacon at the Heaven on Earth Natural Food store in Qualicum Beach.  The best selection, though, of course is right here:)  We're open by appointment so remember to call ahead!

 About Us

We’re building a dream! 


 Having only just acquired our beautiful property in May of 2017, we couldn’t wait to get started with the farm!  We started with raising Large Black pigs and chickens.  We've since added goats, turkeys, guinea fowl and ducks.  We also breed and raise registered Kune Kune pigs. 


Our Products

We lovingly raise KuneKune pigs and free range poultry and goats.


Our  birds have lots of room to roam and produce quality, great tasting eggs and meat that just don't compare to what you find in today's supermarkets. 


 KuneKune pigs are perfect for rotational pasture pork production.  Large Blacks helped us tremendously with clearing land, and now that we have more and more pasture, the goats eat what's high and the Kunes keep the grass cut!  This tender, dark and moist pork with old world flavour will become a staple on your plates.  Our goats are eating all the same vegetation the deer do and boast tremendous delicate flavour.  With all of the health benefits of eating high quality meat and eggs  that have been raised ethically and naturally on forest and'll just want to keep coming back for more! 




Joanna Welburn and

Lorne Thomas

670 Gilbert rd, Qualicum Beach, BC

V9K 1V2







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